Haha, I did like the curl of it on my tongue when I thought of it. Also, unrelated: I am planning on buying some new books soon cause I'm running out and you seem pretty well read on philosophy and psychology compared to me. I know recommendations are pretty subjective but is there any stuff you've read which really changed your perspective? Or anything good regarding power or nihilism. If not that's cool lol, just asking around :)

Yay i love doing book recommendations!! DEF read the fall by camus. As for nihilism anything by Schopenhauer or Nietzsche is good but i would start off with nietzsche’s on the geneology of morals. It’s prob his best work and it’s a good stepping stone into his general philosophy. After reading it the rest of his stuff should be a breeze. Marcel proust’s in search of lost time is all about power, jealousy, and obsession. It’s suuuuper long tho (i havent finished it yet) but it’s great so far. Oh and jean cocteau’s the holy terrors (my fave book!) is also along the same lines as proust. Hope this helps!

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Friend: pizza port looks like a high school cafeteria from the 80s

Me: wanna go sit and pretend we’re in a john hughes film?

Friend: ????

me: you know… john hughes. he…. you know what nvm

Drew’s comment is making me have all sorts of epiphanies rn

papanoshofu of course!! On the bench. I was laughing so hard, how could i forget

drewxor LOL WOW rude not all my friends are super needy, yeesh :P Even plain co-workers idgaf about remember our first convo *shrugs*

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The Dreamers (2003)

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bubbbb hey have you ever had a good time

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I eat and write with my left hand and do everything else (throw, play guitar, punch like a boy) w my right lol